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About the Designer,

Hi, I hail from an exotic paradise known as Malaysia. I am passionate about animals, nature, art, design, photography, fashion and jewellery. My love for animals began at a very tender age. I could scream my lungs out, sulk, turn cartwheels and doubt my sanity around my pets, but they loved me all the same. How liberating was that for a 7-year-old! From then on, I developed a strong sense of connection not just for animals but also for nature.

I pursued my creative streak in graphic design after my formative school years and upon qualification, began my career with a leading English daily. Holding down a full-time position as a graphic designer for the past 16 years did not deter me from exploring the world of fashion and design.

Upon completing my course at the International Fashion Training Centre in Malaysia, I delved deeper into fashion, creating ready to wear collection. Thus, began my love affair with the camera as I embarked on directing fashion shoots locally and in the United States. 

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        N. Sarla Devi with Iconic British fashion and textile designer Dame Zandra Rhodes

In 2009, I was on a creative roll when I crafted my first jewelry piece for a fashion photo shoot. After a successful stint, the entrepreneurial woman in me clamoured for more. I choose to indulge in jewelry design as it was a combination of the art disciplines – painting, fashion, sculpture, photography, graphic design – all compacted into one dynamic miniature motif. The experience spurred me on and led to SARLAZ that I founded in 2015 and officially launched in 2019.

The Sarlaz range of creations is one of a kind, wearable work of art. Inspired by my love for animals, nature, architecture, people and culture, I draw inspiration from my travels. This inspiration spills into every recess of the intricate designs I lay out in my pieces.