Sarla Devi The Designer

🌿 Greetings from the lush paradise of Malaysia! I'm N. Sarla Devi, a passionate soul with a deep love for animals, nature, art, design, photography, fashion, and jewellery. My affinity for animals blossomed at a young age, where my furry friends became my confidants and companions. This early connection cultivated not only a love for animals, but also a profound appreciation for the beauty of nature itself.

My creative journey began in graphic design, leading me to a fulfilling career with prominent English daily publications over the past two decades, contributing to four notable publications along the way. Despite my dedication to graphic design, my thirst for exploration led me to the captivating realms of fashion and design. Completing my training at the International Fashion Training Centre in Malaysia ignited a new passion within me. I ventured into fashion, crafting ready-to-wear collections and immersing myself in directing fashion shoots across the globe, from Milan to New York, Paris to London, and even Arizona.

N. Sarla Devi with Iconic British fashion and textile designer Dame Zandra Rhodes

In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred when I created my first jewellery piece for a fashion photoshoot. This marked the genesis of my journey into jewellery design, a realm that seamlessly intertwines various artistic disciplines—painting, fashion, sculpture, photography, and graphic design—into captivating miniature motifs. Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, I founded SARLAZ in 2015, culminating in its official launch in 2019. SARLAZ embodies a unique fusion of art and wearability, each piece serving as a wearable work of art. Drawing inspiration from my love for animals, nature, architecture, people, and culture, my designs reflect the essence of my travels, infused with intricate details that capture the imagination.