Jewellery for the Bold & Boundless: Dress to Express

SARLAZ: Wear Earth's Beauty, Responsibly Crafted Stories


At SARLAZ, we believe jewellery transcends mere adornment. It's a canvas for bold self-expression, crafted with respect for the Earth. Inspired by Malaysia's breathtaking biodiversity, founder N. Sarla Devi meticulously handcrafts exquisite pieces using sustainable materials like clay, wood, recycled paper, and bamboo. Our zero-waste practices and innovative techniques transform these elements into conversation starters that empower you to unleash your inner muse.

SARLAZ is dedicated to the new wave of sophisticated fashion consumers. We champion a style ethos where looking good goes hand-in-hand with feeling good about your choices. Our jewellery embodies the innovation the fashion industry craves – exquisite pieces crafted with ethically sourced materials, captivating hearts worldwide.


SARLAZ: Where nature inspires and individuality thrives. Our intricate jewellery intertwines ethics and aesthetics, crafted for the expressive woman who seeks harmony with nature. These designs celebrate your unique self, a testament to the beauty of refinement over perfection. Express yourself confidently, live authentically, and cultivate a lasting elegance that transcends trends. Explore our latest collections and discover the beauty of conscious adornment.

"My passion thrives in creating zero-waste jewellery with respect for the Earth, celebrating individuality over fleeting trends."

Founder & Designer N. Sarla Devi

Our Process


Nature's Canvas:
We see the world as a canvas of endless inspiration, translating its beauty into wearable art.


Sustainable Sourcing:
We source ethically and use recycled materials whenever possible, minimizing waste and respecting the Earth.


Empowering Expression:
We design for the bold and expressive, empowering you to embrace your inner muse.