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SZPP 0109 Dusana Phone Pouch

SZPP 0109 Dusana Phone Pouch

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Expressive Art on Phone pouch
Hand drawn and painted. Original Art.

Dusana - A Dog's Promise: "When it's too hard to look back, and you're too afraid to look ahead, look right beside you & I'll be there".  

Material - Premium Canvas hand sewn and varnished

Please note that the actual colours may be slightly different from the ones that appear on your screen.


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    Nature's Canvas:

    We see the world as a canvas of endless inspiration, translating its beauty into wearable art.

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    Sustainable Sourcing:

    We source ethically and use recycled materials whenever possible, minimizing waste and respecting the Earth.

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    Empowering Expression:

    We design for the bold and expressive, empowering you to embrace your inner muse.

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